Chocolate Truffle Cake


Indulge in our simple & tender Chocolate cake paired with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Fresh Fruit Gateaux


Vanilla cake stuffed with layers of fresh Fruits & Custard in whipped Cream & garnished with lots of Fruits

Authentic Black Forest


An authentic combination of Dark Cherry & Red Cherry in a Chocolate sponge

White Forest


A simple & delicious dessert layered with Red Cherries & Fresh Cream, garnished with White Chocolate shavings

Chocolate Butterscotch


Layers of Chocolate sponge filled with Chocolate Chips & Butterscotch on a bed of Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate CaramelRoll


Combination of Chocolate & Caramel filling paired with Vanilla sponge

Double Espresso


Double shot Espresso cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache for coffee lovers

Red Velvet


A traditional cake made tender with Buttermilk & layered with Cream Cheese icing

Ferrero Rocher


A heavenly cake with layers of Vanilla & Chocolate sponge filled with a crunchy layer of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate & Milk Chocolate Ganache)

Crunchy Cracker


Layers of Vanilla & Chocolate sponge combined with Milk Chocolate Ganache & Crunchy Wafers

Salted Caramel


A moist Chocolate cake paired with Salted Caramel, Roasted Peanuts & chunks of Snickers

Banana Caramel


Combination of Banana & Caramel filling paired with Vanilla sponge

Crunchy Cracker


Deliciously rich & dense cake for Chocolate lovers

Mango Cake (Seasonal Cake)


Seasonal cake combining the goodness of fresh Mangoes & Cream

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake


A truly decadent dessert made with three textures of Chocolate combining dense Chocolate sponge, Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate Mousse

Biscuit Cake


Cake made with layers of Milk Biscuits & Chocolate Fudge Sauce, topped with Chocolate Ganache

Rum Ball


Truffle-like confection made dense with Chocolate, Candied Fruits & Rum