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Best Bakery in Panipat for Tea Cakes, Signature Cakes, Cookies

Lucky’s Bakery in Panipat presents to you a universe of mouth-watering signature cakes, tea cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pastries, and lip-smacking savories curated in the nineties by Chef Neerja Khurana. The bakery in Panipat offers you a unique and wide range of handcrafted chocolate bars, muffins that are a stand-apart range of gift boxes that are curated exclusively for you and your loved ones. With our handcrafted desserts, we promise you pure innovativeness and craftsmanship.

We guarantee you the superb taste of our sinfully rich tea cakes and signature cakes that will satiate your cravings for sweets anytime.

Lucky’s bakery in Panipat serves you swoon-worthy, unique, and healthy desserts like

  1. Gluten-Free Date-Walnut Cake
  2. Signature Date-Walnut Cake
  3. Signature Honey-Almond Cake
  4. Signature Whole Wheat-Jaggery Cake
  5. Sugar-Free & Gluten-Free Date-Walnut Cake
  6. Sugar-Free Date-Walnut cake

Signature cake Bakery in Panipat as a brand has faith in enchanting its customers through its guarantee for great food and desserts with quality, without fail. The painstakingly planned and refreshed menu for Cakes, Handmade Cookies, Savories, Desserts, and Chocolates at Lucky’s is greatly valued by our customers. All our savories are made in our manufacturing unit in Panipat where hygiene is of utmost priority. We bake everything fresh for our outlets in Panipat & Model Town.

Why Choose Lucky’s bakery in Panipat?

Having dominated the specialty of delivering mouth-watering treats, you can choose from our stunningly simple yet healthy desserts and cakes to pamper yourself! 

Here at Lucky’s bakery in Panipat, we have consistently put quality first when delivering cakes. We highly value the huge and faithful client base since 1991. Having been in the industry for a long time, we prepare tea cakes with a taste best in class. Our products are based on traditional home-style recipes, using fresh ingredients and no preservatives or chemicals. Our passion for baking is poured into every recipe, serving smiles on a plate every day.

So next time when you search for Best Bakery near me; feel free to call us for online orders or you can check out the best deals at  We will be happy to serve you!