Our Products

Lucky’s signature cake made sinfully rich with Cocoa inside and topped with Dates & Walnuts on the outside
(Available in 500gm & 1000gm)

Eggless Vanilla cake topped with slivered Almonds & Honey.
(Available in 400gm & 800gm)

Mix range of dry cakes, ideal for serving with afternoon tea & available in rich flavours
(Available in 250gm & 500gm)

Soft & moist decadent Brownies
(Available in 50gm, 150gm & 250gm)

Fresh handmade Cookies, Biscotti & Sticks baked to perfection, served with tea & coffee.
Our Cookies are also available in Sugar Free
(Available in 250gm)

High Fibre Wheat Breads & Boulangerie from different origins

Mix range of sponge cakes available in unique flavours

Dessert combined with a thick textured layer of Cream Cheese & a melt-in-the-mouth moment

Wide range of Tarts & Pies with unique fillings in a firm crumbly crust

Handcrafted French confection made available in variety of flavours

Selection of delectable savoury products baked with an authentic Indian twist

Delicious combinations of our popular products make for a delightful gift in our premium hampers and luxury box collection.