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120.00350.00 Inc. GST

Who doesn’t love soft, fudgy, and gooey Baked Brownies? For everyone out there with an incorrigible sweet tooth, we, at Lucky’s Bakery, know how your heart melts at the sight of the chocolate-loaded brownies (drools). Brownie is the best for satiating the sweet cravings when you are looking for something sweet. 

Baked Brownies are amazing in a number of ways – they are rich, delicious, and leave you with the most amazing sugar rush. Moreover, they come in a variety of delicious flavors like chocolate chunk, marble, and a lot more options! Brownies for two are best when enjoying with your best friend or your loved one. 

We all need our comfort food to get through the boring seasons or at times a bad mood, don’t we?! What better comfort food than moist brownies for two to chill? A small yummy brownie can cheer you right up in the gloomy times and get you through the day. There are unlimited options for everything, but at Lucky’s Bakery, you can find freshly baked brownies in small batches that taste heavenly. To make your friend or your loved one’s day really special, you can share brownies for two and relish good times. These are brownies that you can indulge in guilt-free. Why? Because they’re made with healthy ingredients and yet taste absolutely decadent. Take home a bunch of delicious brownies that come in varieties – eggless, chocolate chunk, and the pure bliss marble brownie. 

The brownies at Lucky’s can be served with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and colorful sprinkles balancing all the flavors and it would surely give you nothing but the best! Everything here is made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Once you try these brownies, you’ll have to re-order them soon for your loved ones and one for yourself! 

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