India is a sweets-loving country. All of us love eating kheer, halwa, barfi, cake, and everything sugary. Whether there is a festival, a birthday, or a homecoming, any kind of good day’s celebration is incomplete if there are no sweets. 

Adding to a long list of sweets, there are brownies without eggs also. Although brownies are generally prepared using eggs, brownies without eggs have become the hot favorite for many Indians. Brownies with eggs are smaller cakes that can be eaten mess-free. Amazing, isn’t it?

Brownies without eggs are to be enjoyed with your soft hands only. Of course, there are people who eat everything with a fork and spoon. But if one actually wants to relish its heavenly taste, there is nothing better than using one’s hands for that. Try for yourself to become extra sure. Dip your brownies without eggs in a glass of piping hot milk or have them with chilled milk with ice cream on top, they will make your day-long tiredness dissolve in its amazing taste. One can easily spot Brownies without eggs in homes nowadays. They have become super popular in restaurants and bakeries as well.

One might say that brownies and cakes are similar. Well, actually, they are not. Brownies without eggs are denser and heavier than cakes. Baking powder is not used in their making. Brownies without eggs are square-shaped or are cut into bars which are often served without any icing on the top. Choose whatever your heart desires. 

Brownies without eggs’ texture are also multi-faceted. Sometimes, it can be, fudgy and sometimes, it can be cakey. However, all of this depends on the batter’s consistency and density. Brownies often include different kinds of nuts and chocolate chips also. Irrespective of their shape, style, and look, brownies without eggs are just fantastic.

A sweet History lesson

The United States is the inventor of brownies. They originated in the late 1880s, either through a fun baking mistake or through quantified work. Whatever that was, it was for the best. At the end of the 19th century, someone in the US made brownies for the first time and blessed the entire world with its tasty presence. Soon after, during the first half of the 20th century, they became popular in the US. Since then, brownies are being eaten all over the globe. Originally, it was made with eggs. But, since many people are vegetarians, eggless brownies are also in demand and taste as heavenly as their other versions. 

Decorate Brownies without eggs with a chocolate and vanilla batter. For an extra rich treat, cream cheese can also be added. People have their own favorite versions and they range from lightweight cakey ones to intensely dark fudge versions.

And if you want to have a really fudgy brownie experience, there’s no place better than Lucky’s bakery and Patisserie.

Lucky’s bakery and Patisserie- It’s where the magic happens

There is not a single doubt in admitting that Lucky’s brownies without eggs taste spectacularly good. They are created in loving surroundings and the product of love is always sweet. And the sweetest people make the most delicious brownies without eggs.

Brownies available at Lucky’s Bakery:

Soft and Gooey ‘Brownies without eggs’

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