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“Cookie biscuits”- is a word that is more than enough to bring water to anybody’s mouth. The word ‘cookie’ originates from the Dutch word ‘koekje’ which means ‘little cake’. Do you connect with the feelings now about cookies? When the cake is in the picture, how can one resist/grab it? Absolutely NO ONE!! 

We, Indians, love our chai and we love to have snacks with it. The term ‘cookie’ was not known to Indians before and it was actually called ‘biscuit’ but today, we love having these cookies biscuits dipped in our chai. They have become a special member of our evening chai-drinking routine. 

Some of you might think that why are cookies biscuits so special? Let us show you how cookies biscuits are actually huge fun in a small packet:

  1. Everybody loves having lots of options, isn’t it? One of the absolute best things about cookies biscuits is their sheer variety. Whether you want something that combines sweet and salty or anything that your taste buds are craving, there is a cookie for you. Not only does this make cookies the perfect dessert, but it also means you’ll never get sick of them.
  2. They’re perfect for on the go. Cookies biscuits can be easily carried everywhere in your bag, or simply in your hand. Put them anywhere you want, and you’re good to go. And if you want to save them for eating later, just bring them home. Everything is easy, right?
  3. Their cute designs will bring a smile to your face. Cookies biscuits are available in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Bakers get very creative with designing their cookies and therefore, there is a cute cookies biscuit for everyone out there.
  4. Cookies biscuits are known to help make friends. Ha Ha, just hand this perfect dessert to someone who looks like they could use a quick snack and you might get a new friend for life. 
  5. The taste and smell of a freshly baked cookies biscuit is heaven! There’s nothing better than a warm cookies biscuit.
  6. One of the core childhood memories is when we used to have cookies biscuits dipped in milk. We don’t know why that tasted so good but as a kid, it was our favorite. Even though adults don’t tend to eat this dessert as much, we know for sure that anytime you, it will take right back to that magical childhood. 
  7. Sometimes, eating cookies biscuits feels healthy too. Just because it is a dessert, it doesn’t mean that it is not good for you. There are so many healthier options in the market today. Some brands primarily focus on healthy cookies biscuits options only. 

Well, if you think of cookies as only an unhealthy dessert, we would like you to think again. Check out Lucky’s Bakery and fall in love with its cookies biscuits.

Lucky’s cookies biscuits are good for the soul

Seriously, do you know anyone who doesn’t love cookies? Because we really haven’t met anyone like that. 

There is a cookie out there for everyone. Whether you like the classic chocolate chip, the healthy oatmeal raisin, or the amazing pistachio cookie, we have everything for you. Not only our cookies biscuits are delicious, but eating them will just make you feel good. Our cookies biscuits are available in lots of flavors and are totally vegan. There are eggless cookies, oatmeal cookies, whole wheat cookies, and even cookies with grains, nuts, and dried fruit. 

Gooey dough, warm chocolate, and the best. Smell. EVER! Lucky’s cookies are heaven in disguise. We can pretty much guarantee that our cookies will warm your soul and make your day.

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