Are you somebody like us who has a huge sweet tooth? Do you love cakes but want better options than cakes? What can be better than the cake, you might ask?

Well, it is a brownie, of course. Brownies are a smaller version of delectable cakes and one is not just enough. They can be eaten mess-free, guilt-free anywhere & everywhere. 

Everybody already knows about brownies and what they are. You will not what a brownie is if you have been living under a rock or so. Basically, a brownie is a rectangular or square chocolate-baked sweet that is either fudgy or cakey that depends on the batter’s consistency and density. They have often shiny “skin” on their upper crust and can include roasted nuts, frosting, chocolate chips, or other ingredients. 

Christmas and new year are around the corner. You might be looking for a gift that is loved by everyone equally. Brownies are one such gift items that can bring a smile to the recipient’s face the moment he/she opens the gift box. 

Lucky’s ‘Brownie Hamper Box’ is one such option this festive season. Lucky’s brownies are eggless so they can be enjoyed equally by your vegetarian loved ones. 

Lucky’s bakery and patisserie have three options of brownies that you can choose from to make your own ‘Brownie Hamper Box.’ Trust us, when we say that these brownies are simply the best in the town and must be tried out by you at least once. 

The brownies are as follows:

  1. Chocolate Heaven Brownie

 There is nothing that chocolate cannot fix. And that’s why this yummy ‘Chocolate Heaven Brownie’ is the epitome of the perfect gift this new year. 

Baked with the goodness of milk and dark chocolate combined, this brownie should be your choice for the ‘Brownie Hamper Box’

This will make the festivities 5X sweeter and better. 

  1. Marble Brownie

 There will be many flavors but vanilla is the one that takes the cherry off of the cake. The perfect marriage of deep chocolate swirled with vanilla for an intensely rich, delicious flavor, this ‘Marble Brownie’ is a flavorsome option for your pick for the ‘Brownie Hamper Box’ from Lucky’s. 

  1. Rum and Raisins Brownie

 It’s Christmas time and it stays incomplete without a little touch of rum, don’t you agree? Wink, Wink.

A perfect combination of booze and chocolate, this naughty ‘Rum and Raisin Brownie’ will brighten your and your loved ones’. Christmas as well as the new year. Drown in good times and healthy conversations with this brownie and pack this in a ‘Brownie Hamper Box’ to deliver your best wishes to the near and dear ones. 

Why choose Lucky’s ‘Brownie Hamper Box’?

Anyone who says that they don’t like receiving a hamper box as a gift would be lying. And if that gift is a brownie hamper box, then there’s nothing better. Right? 

Lucky’s bakery is your destination if you want perfect brownies and want to customize the ‘Brownie Hamper Box’ for a joyous festive season that is right around the corner. Baked with pure love and extra-sweet warmth, Lucky’s bakery is at your service, committed to providing you with the healthiest, crunchiest, and yummiest brownies in town. 

It is the end of the year and it is high time that you stop getting your loved ones boring gifts. 

With Lucky’s Brownie Hamper Box, gift them a delicious, lip-smacking hamper that they will remember forever. Want to know the best part? Lucky’s Brownie Hamper box is customizable so that you can give them a personalized wish.

Surely a gift your loved ones will swoon over.

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