Sugar is considered a villain in the world of eating healthy trends. So, what about our lovely desserts? Well, if we tell you that you can relish the best desserts without compromising your health, would you believe us?
We have curated a list of bakers who substitute sugar, dairy and gluten with organic and natural alternatives, that gives you the best of both worlds, which are healthy & yummy.

Order Sugar-Free Cake Delivery in Delhi

To make your loved ones’ day delightful and sweet, is there anything better than treating them with a dessert?
On the next special occasion, get a sugar free cakes delivered online for your loved ones and ensure that their day becomes 10 times more amazing.
Desserts are basically life. To ensure that you choose the best delicacy, we have made you a list of the best bakeries in Delhi so that each one of you gets a chance to order sugar free cakes online at your doorstep. Happy Shopping!

Whisk A Wish

With a wide selection of cakes, this cutie-pie bakery will make you crave more. The bakery literally whisks the cakes of our wishes and is a must-visit for all you cake lovers. Their sugar-free Banana Raisin cake is one of the most popular cakes on their menu which is naturally sweetened with banana and raisins.
Price | Rs 1,600 (Per Kg)
Location |Opposite Sri Aurobindo College, Geetanjali Enclave
Order Online Here.


Another cutie-pie bakery in the town, Theobroma bakery presents a gigantic menu of baked goods and it is indeed the food of the gods. Head straight for the sugar-free Almond Rocks for your sugar-free cravings. These heavenly chocolates are handcrafted and are a blessing for calorie-conscious chocolate lovers.
Price | Rs 1,600 (Half Kg)
Locations |SDA Market, DLF Mall Of India, Noida & DLF Cyber Hub, GGN

Lucky’s bakery and Patisserie

If you are on a lookout for low-calorie, diabetes-friendly desserts, then this amazing, amazing bakery is your destination. Their eggless cakes are perfection! They use organic sweeteners to make the cakes tastefully beautiful without spoiling the taste in any manner. Order online for sugar-free cakes & Pastries and get an on-time delivery every time.
Price | Rs 950 (850 gms)
Location |Club Rd, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi
Order Online here.

Choko La

The perfect balance of a cafe and bakery, this heart-warming cafe will impress you with its sugar-free mousse in a jiffy. You don’t have to think twice before trying this one as it is both delicious and healthy, at the same time.
Price | Rs 195
Locations | DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj
Order Online Here |

The Bombakery

This quaint little outlet is surprisingly amazing. Their exquisite menu has a variety of dessert and savoury options. Our pick is the sugar-free Belgian Chocolate and Berry Mousse Cake. DIVINE!
Price | Rs 200 Onwards
Location |Safdarganj enclave, Delhi


A neat little café, Whipped, has sinful signature desserts, ice-creams and cakes besides café & fast-food items. One can find one of the best sugar-free Dark Coco Mousse here which is a really delicious and healthy dessert. Enjoy the sweetness without the sugar here!
Price | Rs 230 (Per Slice)
Location |GK II & Defence Colony
Order Online Here |

Defence Bakery

Now you don’t have to avoid cakes because of high sugar content because defence Bakery bake up sugar-free cakes delhi. Their ‘No Added Sugar’ cookies are just divine and are available in three variants – vanilla chocolate and atta cookies. Truly delicious and worth every penny, these cookies are pure yummy.
Price | Rs 70 (Per 150 gms)
Location | Defence Colony & GK II
Order Online Here |
All you dessert lovers who want to cut down on sugar and yet want to binge away desserts without worrying about calories, the above list will make your sweet dreams come true.
These bakeries offer authentic and innovative handcrafted desserts which are made from the finest of ingredients, and more importantly baked with love!
You can relish desserts guilt-free, without compromising on your health as there are plenty of places in Delhi which offer just-as-tasty sugar-free desserts. Choose anyone from the list and make your day extra sweet.
You can thank us later!
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